Nutrinic Announces Additions to its Advisory Board

Experts in Nutrition Science, Behavioral Science, and Clinical Practice Join Innovative Lifestyle Medicine Company

Pasadena, CA—March 14, 2017 – Nutrinic, a healthcare company whose evidence-based lifestyle intervention program aims to significantly reduce costs for insurers and integrated care organizations, announced the formation of its Advisory Board and addition of three members. The move follows the opening of a plant-based nutrition clinic in Pasadena, California, offering Southern California physicians a partner in treating type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions largely preventable through changes in diet and lifestyle.

Nutrinic’s Advisory Board will help guide the company’s lifestyle intervention program based on best medical practices and provide ongoing quality improvement. The three board members were chosen for their expertise in nutrition science, behavioral science, and clinical practice. 

The Advisory Board’s members include: Dr. Ulka Agarwal, board-certified physician, specializing in psychiatry, nutrition, and integrative medicine; Ginny Messina, MPH, RD, dietitian, author, and public health nutritionist specializing in plant-based nutrition; and Dr. Michelle McMacken, board-certified internal medicine physician and assistant professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine.

“Nutrinic’s top priority is delivering a program that combines evidence-based nutrition for disease prevention, a focus on self-efficacy, and the leading medical and clinical practices,” said Solomon Wolfson, CEO of Nutrinic. “We are honored to welcome veteran dietitian, Ms. Messina, and Drs. McMacken and Agarwal to contribute to our program development and implementation.”

“We are very proud of the well-rounded skillset represented in our Advisory Board,” added Matt Ruscigno, Chief Nutrition Officer. “Each of these professionals brings a unique perspective and experience in plant-based nutrition therapy; together they will serve as an invaluable resource to the organization.”

About Nutrinic: 
Nutrinic is leading the charge to build a healthcare-integrated evidence-based nutrition therapy to fight and reverse chronic disease, ultimately lowering the costs for insurers and integrated care organizations.

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