More than recipes and advice, Nutrinic offers an evidence-based lifestyle intervention program.

Would you like to:


With the right nutrition, you can.

Changing your diet without support can be difficult. Having a trusted partner by your side makes all the difference. Nutrinic’s experts walk you through the process and empower you with the knowledge and skills to make healthy eating a permanent way of life.


Our program works because it’s designed just for you
Your schedule. Your budget. Your tastes.


Program features


One-on-one consultations with Registered Dietitians

Eating Plans

Individualized eating plans built around your lifestyle


Customized recipes and grocery shopping lists


Cooking classes, discussions, and support group meetings


Check-ins and support via phone, email, and SMS


Foods that fight disease

Healthy eating can be fast and affordable or gourmet and exotic. It’s completely up to you!

Nutrition experts in your corner.


Think of Nutrinic as the nutrition arm of your personal healthcare support team. We don’t replace your doctor. Our program complements treatment of chronic conditions, empowering you to achieve your health goals quickly and sustainably. During the course of our program, you and your doctor will monitor your symptoms and labs, adjusting your medication and treatment plan accordingly. We think your doctor appointments will soon feature a lot more smiles.


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